Digital, Affordable, Accessible Respiratory Care – A new way for managing your respiratory health

Digital, Affordable, Accessible Respiratory Care – A new way for managing your respiratory health
It has been the view of the global medical community, even pre-pandemic that, the exact prevalence of respiratory issues is not properly known because of the lack of affordable and accessible respiratory care and diagnostic tools – especially in emerging economies. Numerous efforts are being been made to achieve the same, but most of them come at the cost of clinical precision required, and in the pandemic, a great need is being felt for such tools to improve lung conditions and help live a symptom-free life.

With the advent of smartphones and IoT-enabled wearables, a new push was given to incorporate the same in respiratory care so that it can reach corner clinics and patient homes.

Unfortunately, while some of them have been successful to achieve this, this has come at the cost of affordability which renders them unusable for a lot of critical low-income population in emerging economies, where these problems and missed diagnosis is most felt.

Additionally, most of these digital efforts have focused on performing diagnostic tests to determine lung function, but not on holistic respiratory care.

For performing holistic respiratory care, a digital, connected, affordable eco-system is required to continuously engage and encourage the patient to perform various activities like and share historical trends related to:

  1. Diagnostic tests like Spirometry, measurement of Oxygen levels

  2. Medication Adherence

  3. Lung Exercises like Flow-based Incentive Spirometry and Volume-based Incentive Spirometry

  4. Tracking of symptoms

  5. Health Check-ins

  6. Diarizing any lung exacerbation events

  7. Adherence and achievement of care-plan goals as prescribed by the doctor.

Such an eco-system will help the patients reduce hospitalization, prevent the disease from becoming acute and help live symptom-free life by helping medical professionals see the complete history of the patient in one glance and plan a proper course of future treatment.

alveofit® with its set of easy-to-use doctor and patient mobile apps and IoT devices has developed exactly such an ecosystem that will help patients take care of their respiratory health.

Click here to download the free android alveofit® mobile app and start your respiratory care journey now.

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