alveoair can help patients in the management and recovery from COVID-19

alveoair® is a part of alveofit digital respiratory care platform to help patients and doctors quickly measure lung function remotely. In the month of Jan-2021, it has completed its clinical trial and upon successful completion deployed in the field of respiratory care. And recently, alveofit introduced multiple dedicated pulmonary rehabilitation (lung function rehab) functions in their patient mobile app to manage to address conditions that arise due to COVID-19 infections.

How alveoair is a great help in COVID-19?

alveoair® is India’s first digital-portable-handheld spirometer which is designed and programmed with the alveofit eco-system to help patients with respiratory conditions and measure lung function along with a comprehensive care management tool. Basically, alveoair allows patients to conduct

  1. Flow-Based and Volume Based Incentive Spirometry Digitally
  2. Hospital-grade lung function tests at home
  3. Captures the improvement trend in lung functions based on all the historical tests of the patient
  4. Helps them to diarize all the lung exacerbation as and when they occur
  5. Presents a comprehensive, accurate, digital history of the patient to their physicians for better decision making.

How alveoair spirometer works?

alveoair® is a portable handheld digital spirometer that connected with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and using an alveofit mobile application, the patient can measure various lung function parameters such as FVC (Forced vital capacity), FEV1 (Forced expiration volume at 1 sec), PEF (Peak expiratory flow) and FEV1/FVC ratio.

This device also provides a detailed maneuver curve which helps your physician to review your standard lung function test and allow professional to assess respiratory condition. alveoair is a clinically validated and trialed solution that is at par with hospital-grade spirometry. alveofit app allows you to share your lung data with your physician securely.

alveoair not only measures your lung function but also helps in performing lung exercises and keeps the record of your lung volume while performing so that, you can review your past results and see how your lungs are improving. It has a Flow-based incentive spirometer along with a volumetric spirometer.

Talk to your physician about alveoair® digital spirometer and having one for you and your loved ones.

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