Digital Respiratory care – Need of the hour for insurance providers

In the second wave, we had seen a sudden spurt in the patients getting severely impacted. As has been the experience, quite a few people from this population will have lasting lung problems, unfortunately. To add to this, there are a lot of asymptomatic patients who might have got their lungs impacted and rising Air pollution and smoking habits add to the problem too. Meanwhile, the insurance subscribers have also increased as people have realized the importance of the same.

Given this background, in addition to coming to the aid of their subscribers financially, during the time of the health emergency, insurers can look to play a more proactive and evolved role in helping their subscribers maintain healthy respiratory lifestyle, live a symptom-free life, reduce hospitalization chances and finally leading to benefit from reduced payout and a loyal customer base.

While insurers have been smart and taking this proactive role in promoting a healthy cardiac lifestyle in collaboration with Medtech companies, the same has been missing from Respiratory care due to the lack of an affordable, digital, accessible, clinical grade, and connected ecosystem which can engage and encourage patients to adhere to the prescribed care treatment plan for improving respiratory health.

Research has shown that with the deployment of such a tool which there has been a significant reduction in the patient’s Reliever Inhaler usage, ER visits, and lung exacerbations. There has been a significant increase in symptom-free days and improvement in care-plan adherence.

There can be multiple areas of application of such an ecosystem for insurance companies.

  1. Onboarding/Renewal stage – To easily and effectively diagnose the applicant lung health condition quickly and efficiently through a COVID-19 safe, handheld spirometer
  2. Corporate Wellness – Conduct camps for their corporate subscribers regularly
  3. Homecare – Encourage their at-risk subscribers for quick lung health checks so that they can take necessary preventive steps early
  4. Wellness Apps – Provide value-added respiratory care services through their Wellness Apps
  5. Data-driven Underwriting – Based on the patient condition at the time of onboarding, automatically craft and suggest suitable add-on plans to the subscribers
  6. Population-Level Studies – Get anonymized, population-level data which will help them to analyze the at-risk population chunk – based on geographical location, age, gender and make appropriate strategic changes in their plans
  7. Maintain care-continuity – Patients once discharged with a lung ailment, can be onboarded on such an ecosystem to maintain care continuity and reduce chances of further hospitalization

alveofit® – with its complete repository of

  1. Lung health diagnostic tool spirometry – alveoair® (a portable, patented, clinically validated spirometer)
  2. Medication adherence,
  3. Perform lung exercises like incentive spirometry through alveoair® spirometer
  4. Perform regular clinical-grade spirometry at home through alveoair® spirometer
  5. Diarize exacerbations
  6. Craft a Treatment Care plan for the patient’s conditions
  7. Encourage and engage patient to follow the prescribed care plan
  8. Population data level analysis

Can be a partner of choice in the insurance company’s journey for helping its subscribers maintain a healthy respiratory condition and live a symptom-free life.

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