Validation of portable Bluetooth enabled smart spirometer (Alveoair™) for the measurement

Bluetooth Enabled Smart Spirometer;Spirometry;Validation;Monitoring;Asthma;Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Coronavirus Disease 2019, Respiratory Diseases INTRODUCTION Pulmonary function test (PFT) is a crucial method in diagnosis of respiratory illness and associated symptoms.

Even though spirometry is an important tool which helps in respiratory disease diagnosis, it is still finding a corner place or is unutilized in the primary care settings, Some of the reasons for lesser adoption of spirometry by the clinicians could be due its operational attributes such as size of spirometer, cost of procurement, higher maintenance cost with repeated calibration, and dedicated resources or technicians.

As the world is moving toward digitalization of health-care services, few portable smart diagnostic devices emerged in the market which includes digital portable spirometers run on mobile phones or tablets. Keeping the same idea at front to develop a highly accurate and low-cost spirometer, Alveoair™ is a fully indigenously developed turbine operated handheld and portable Bluetooth enabled smart spirometer that can be deployed in primary care settings and at family physician offices easily.

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