alveofit app

Take charge of your lung functions

alveofit is an AI-enabled mobile app that connects with alveo ecosystem smart sensors, alveoair, and alveodot to measure and monitor your lung health and medication adherence respectively.



an IoT enabled eco-system


A handheld spirometer to measure your lung performance anywhere, anytime!


A sensor which sits on your medication pump which reminds you for taking medication on time and also learns your medication pattern

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Monitor your lung performance

Measure, monitor and maintain a journal of your lung performance with the help of alveoair spirometer and app

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Smart alerts. Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Air Quality Index

Constantly monitoring outside air quality using geo-location to keep you updated with hazardous air quality which might trigger your symptoms.

Predictive Analysis

alveofit's AI algorithm learns from your health check-ins to predict your future health condition. It will keep you informed with future health conditions.


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