alveofit eco-system is designed and developed after thorough research and end-user experiences to manage Asthma/COPD conditions and with constant engagement significant reduction in attacks. 


Keep the track of your lung function using alveoair

alveoair is a handheld digital spirometer to track lung function. You can check your lung performance anywhere anytime with the best in class technology embedded. 

Manage your medication smartly

If you are on inhaler medication and using an MDI inhaler, use the alveodot sensor. It is designed to track your medication usage and its adherence. And smart algorithms neet you forget medications. 


Keep the track of your activities just a tap away. 

alveofit working for you throughout the day and keeping records of each activity you perform. If you want to have a look, login to alveofit and see how you have been doing. 


sometimes we forget some activity. Do not worry, alveofit has taken care of all the scheduled activity and will notify when things are due. 

Realtime insights and reports

As you use your medication or doing lung performance testing, alveofit keeps maintains everything.


it is always available to share this with your physician during your clinical or hospital visit. And helping physicians to make better and faster clinical decisions. 

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Know you control status

Control status.png

As you move along, alveofit always on its toe to keep you update about your control status.

Ask your physician about alveofit and live symptom-free life*

If your physician is not aware of alveofit, don't worry. Just download the app from google play store and start using it to gain maximum control over symptoms.