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Pulmonary function test

It is very important to measure the lung function of subscribers in post-COVID-19 and scenarios where pollution is increasing by an alarming rate. 


Remote home montitoring

Elderly and high risk patients

Get early warning signals if the condition is off the track. Allow patient to manage lung illness more effectively and proactively through alveofit eco-system of IoT enable smart devices and algorithms


Reduce healthcare utilization

Better patient outcome results in lesser hospitalisation and ER visits

After onboarding on alveofit ecosystem patients were able to control asthma attacks by 36.6 %* and able to improve lung function significantly. 

* within first 28 days

Data-driven underwriting

Allow data to speak about risk pool and health outcome insights

Craft specialized lung health-related plans and incentivized premium on base insurance plan for a patient/population

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Hassle-free integration using alveofit open APIs

Quickly integrate with backend systems 

alveofit comes with open APIs ready to integrate your backend system in just a few steps. Allow your system to sync and review patient-population specific trends and indices.